Stellium is a literary magazine centering Black queer and trans prose writers.

We still accept work from other Black and QTPOC writers. We are a bimonthly (every two months) magazine seeking to create our next two digital issues.

The literary scene is flush with racist, homophobic, transphobic, and elitist platforms that often discriminate against QTPOC writing, let alone that of Black queer and trans creators. We've noticed how we're a trend to be recognized after shootings or attacks on our communities. Rarely are we considered "legitimate" unless our creative work can generate donations for publications and institutions that stick to the status quo during the rest of the year.

At Stellium, we're setting our intentions to not just make a statement in the world of prose but to redefine the space entirely. The magazine will publish prose poetryfictionnonfiction, and art within each issue. We seek work from emerging and established writers (with an emphasis on emerging). In due time, we hope to include a number of interviews, translations, reviews, and other works relevant to the QTPOC writing scene on our website, and (eventually) in print! 

While we are seeking teachers and editors, general submissions are now closed. We are currently curating our third and fourth issues. Here are the themes.

Issue Three - Home - Where (or who) is home? What does it mean now that you're older? What did you picture when you were young? Are you there now or arriving? How do you protect it, fill it, or renew it? Do you click your heels three times or do you simply open the door? Take us there.

Issue Four - Skepticism - What are you a skeptic of? Who deserves the most review and re-review? How have you been critiqued yourself? Why this issue in particular? Has it always been this way or did something change within? Ruin the façade.

What are we looking for?

Prose poetry - We do not accept traditional poetry. Please note this description before submitting. Prose poetry is "not broken into verse lines, [but] demonstrates other traits such as symbols, metaphors, and other figures of speech common to poetry." Write in paragraphs and with a poetic flow, and we'll want to see it. Please submit a maximum of three poems. This section is not theme-specific but you're encouraged to focus on it.

Fiction - We welcome long- or short-form fiction. If you submit flash fiction (up to 2k words), you can submit up to three pieces of similar length. The sweet spot is around 2k to 6k words. This section is not theme-specific but you're encouraged to focus on it.

Nonfiction - We're seeking creative nonfiction submissions. Please note this description before submitting. We welcome memoir, social commentary, and new-journalism pieces among other works. Not academic papers. The sweet spot is around 1k to 3k words. This section is not theme-specific but you're encouraged to focus on it.

Art - We accept scans of any original, visual art. This section is theme-specific. We won't accept work that doesn't adhere to the theme of the issue.


  • Each file submission must be titled: “Name - Title of Work(s).”
  • Submissions should be in Times New Roman (or Garamond), 12pt font, double-spaced, with standard 1” margins. 
  • We reserve the right to reformat titles, grammar, or style.
  • Stellium does not buy serial print rights at this moment. This may change in the future. Copyright remains with the author during and after publication. We simply ask that you mention a first appearance in Stellium if we were first and your work appears elsewhere.
  • You'll definitely hear back from us within three months but we're doing our best to get through submissions quickly. Our inaugural issues will take a little longer to create.
  • Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to offer a $50 honorarium for each accepted piece.

We're looking to host workshops and seminars for our audience, primarily Black + QTPOC creatives. If you're an artist, writer, or poet interested in hosting a paid session with us, please pitch a proposal.

The workshops and seminars will be scheduled once we have garnered sufficient interest (with the goal being at least one per season starting Summer 2021). Each accepted proposal will take place once.

You may apply more than once with an individual proposal for each workshop or seminar you would like to teach. Artists will be offered a stipend for each workshop or seminar ($125 minimum but profits will be shared based on paid sign-ups).

For more information on our mission, please visit You can also e-mail

Stellium Literary Magazine